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I have submitted IN THE COMPANY OF CLOUDS for Best New Age Album consideration in the 60th GRAMMY Awards.  I’d be honored if you would like to:




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“As music mirrors the moods of its makers, it can lift and soothe the moods and minds of the listeners…and so I hope these offerings will lift some hearts, warm some souls, and smooth some edges.”  – Erik Scott

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Radio programmers voted “In the Company of Clouds” as 2016 ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Zone Music Awards Concert this past May!

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“Scott creates the kind of instrumentals you wish Pink Floyd had pursued.”

– John Diliberto, ECHOES

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Special thanks to all the fine musicians who shared their talent on this album, including John Pirruccello, Steve Hunter, Jeff Pearce, Chris Cameron, Phil Miller, Larry Abiste, Sandy Griffith, Bryan Dyer, Shawn Christopher, Yvonne Gage, Renee Robinson, John Mader, Kevin Hayes, Hank Guaglianone, Rick Barnes.

Recorded & mixed by (yours truly) Erik Scott at TS Studios, Northern California. Additionally, guests on “The Long View” and “Waves” recorded by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax, Chicago, assisted by Mike Tholen.  Vocalists on “Nine Lives” recorded by Tom Size at The Sandbox, S.F. Mastered by Tom Eaton for Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County, Vermont.

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Thank you kindly for your time and consideration!

New Site

Here is a track titled “Peace on Saturn” from my “Other Planets” CD.

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Smee was the lovable pirate of Hook’s crew, as written by J.M. Barrie , creator of Peter Pan and his eternal youth squad and it is to this illustrious Scottish author (J.M. Barrie, not Smee) that I would like to dedicate the song that opens this, the new and updated website. Featuring Shira Kammen on medieval violin, the veille, the piece was written shortly after moving to Northern California in 2010, but I experimented with arrangements for another two years before I decided on this version.

My first ‘solo’ CD, “Other Planets” was honored as ‘CD of the Month” in Feb ’09 by, the nationally syndicated web site/radio station, specializing in ambient music. This second collection rather more eclectic, as I draw on almost all the styles of music I love, and that I have recorded with various artists over the years. I hope this variety is indeed a spice of life… incorporating some of the haunting mystical vibe of ‘Planets’, while also not being limited to the chilled vibe.

Sonia Dada fans will, on these songs, find performances by many of my brothers in that band, while the music also features performances by some new friends. Michael Scott, vocalist, even contributes some vocals, and I do a few lead vocals, (the first in 40 years…pray for me, and the listener). “Planets” was instrumental except for a guest appearance by Maui, the beloved family Labrador.

This new website will also include photos and news of gigs, as the intention is to play live, both this solo material, and new songs recorded by another group of friends, old and new, called Richmond.

WAIT: Richmond consists of guitarists Dave Resnik and Phil Miller, both Sonia Dada alumni, as well as singer Michael Scott. Virginia native Steve Basset plays the keyboards, and old friend and bandmate from the
LA days, Craig Krampf, plays the drums. Craig and I recorded over a dozen albums back in the 70s and 80s, including some of the Alice Cooper, Kim Carnes and the last Flo & Eddie albums on Columbia (CBS Records and Tapes…remember that stuff?)

Dave was the driving force behind getting us together, and he and I pitched in to handle production chores, while recording mostly in Nashville, Richmond, and some LA.

This is a wordpress setup, which, in theory, will allow me to post stuff in a timely manner, and keep things reasonably up-to-date. It also guarantees that I will mess please bear with the muckups.