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In The Company of Clouds


IN THE COMPANY OF CLOUDS is on the ballot for the 60th GRAMMY AWARDS in NEW AGE.  Thank you for your consideration! 


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ERIK SCOTT discusses the making of IN THE COMPANY OF CLOUDS with John Diliberto on ECHOES!    Listen Here: 


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Celebrating a double win!  IN THE COMPANY OF CLOUDS….was voted Album of The Year, and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for the Year 2016 at the Zone Music Reporter’s Annual Award Show in New Orleans on May 13, 2017. Thanks to all the show producers and DJs in the Network who participate, and who spread the love for all the artists in this genre. I want to thank Ed and Stacey Bonk of LAZZ Promotions, whose help, guidance, patience and expertise in this genre made it possible to win the Awards, and remain at #1 for two months. The winners are listed here…


Zone Music Reporter’s International Airplay Chart: I had a great birthday week in January ’17, when “In The Company Of Clouds stayed at #1 for December ’16, after also being #1 for November ’16. Thanks to all the DJs and Show Producers!



Bill Binkelman, too kind by half, wrote a great review of the album:




ALBUM OF THE MONTH!!! has just honored “In the Company of Clouds” with the December 2016
CD of the Month selection. As the ‘CD of the Month” at Echoes, show Producer John Diliberto writes his review of the music, gracefully respecting many of the wonderful contributors to the music, who have my utmost respect and gratitude.



Announcing IN THE COMPANY OF CLOUDS….If you are of the generation of music lovers and collectors who like to have the physical CD, with all the artwork, credits, and album info…and who also like me, still puts those CDs in the car changer and listens as you go about the world, peacefully cocooned in the surrounding vibes of your own choice, please go to CDBaby at this link and grab a copy. Thanks!



Tracks from my latest CD “In The Company of Clouds” can be heard at this Soundcloud link…have a listen!



A new video using music from “Nine Lives” reveals the unspoken sentiment behind the sounds. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.



Keith Hannaleck, who writes and reviews for New Age and Progressive publications, as well as Classic Rock, has a feature called “Rate the Tracks”, and he rates my “Seven Veils” here



Robert Steven Silverstein of, did a very nice review and interview around the “In the Company of Clouds” album



Michael Diamond, music feature writer and reviewer who also has a column in the Southern California Bi-Monthly music magazine “Awareness” wrote a feature article about the new CD and it’s eclectic creator. me. In it he discusses the musical road I’ve traveled from Alice Cooper to Sonia Dada and my solo work, with stops along the way to record with Pops Staples, Flo & Eddie, Kim Carnes and the many other artists and musicians with whom I’ve shared adventures. Thank you Michael …



RJ Lannan, Respected writer and music lover wrote a great piece on In The Company of Clouds, appearing on his review site and the Zone Music Reporter website. Thanks RJ!



Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano, fortunately loves otter music as well, and posted a lovely review of the new album to her sites. Thank You Kathy!!

  1. Terry Hogan April 4, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Hi Erik My name is Terry Hogan I saw you and Billy when you played with Otis plum and later with Jambalaya at Heads up in Round Lake Beach .You guys were part of the inspiration I have had over the years to continue playing after all these years .I took a few guitar lessons from Billy and then continued to play on my own . I got into song writing in the 80s and 90s and co published songs with one of Johnny Cashes best friends Richard McGibony who was mentioned in Johnnys book Man in Black as the guy who pulled Johnny out of jail for the last time I called him a while back hes still doing pretty good He had a cut on one of Johnnys albums called Monteagle Mountain I also wrote inspirational songs in adult contemporary and pitched them to Whitney Houston Mariah Carey etc You can hear them by clicking on to the hear all 16 songs link and full song info option These days I am doing a solo act at bars and restaurants around the Wisconsin dells area as I now live in Wisconsin I call the act Chi Town Terry as I got my start in Chicago listening to the old blues players . My Dad used to take me down to Maxwell street on Sundays I still regard you and Billy to be among the best players ive heard if you see Billy tell him I said Hi and feel free to send him a link to my website maybe you will hear a little of Billys guitar style in some of what I have done You guys definitely made the world a better place Thanks Terry

    • eski November 5, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      Thanks Terry, and I apologise for the delay. I don’t get many texts via the website, mostly facebook, so I don’t often look…ooops.
      Be well.

  2. Chtis July 21, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    I have recently discovered your music and it has uplifted me into those clouds.
    Thank you


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