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When my band of some 16 years (Sonia Dada) took a break awhile back, I found myself alone in the studio with an active imagination, some basses, and a keyboard. With no band, no singers, and no pre-dispositions, I would pretty much wander wherever the musical muse took me.

So when I was haunted by this suggestively Spanish-sounding trumpet melody, I played it, in the upper registers of the bass. And when I heard a banjo type rhythmic chordal picking in my head, I played it…on the bass. And it worked well. So when I thought a great piano performance would work in verse two……I went and got a great piano player to play it….

….what do you think, I’m nuts? …… erik scott “eski”


John Diliberto, Producer/Host for Echoes.Org

“Bassist Erik Scott has played with alt-rockers Sonia Dada and shock rocker Alice Cooper. But don’t let that scare you away from his album “Other Planets”, a beautiful instrumental recording with sensuous electric bass leads that show what a bass can sound like when a great melodicist leads the way. Haunting moods and heartbreaking melodies…a powerful, cinematic release.

It’s an album that is more Pink Floyd than Jaco Pastorius. Scott is a composer of sensuous melodies and atmospheric moods.”
“Other Planets” is our CD of the month for February (2009).

“A powerful, cinematic release, with haunting moods and heartbreaking melodies. An album that’s more Pink Floyd than Jaco Pastorius, from artist/bassist best known for his work with Sonia Dada and Alice Cooper”.

Robert Silverstein of MWE 300 Music Express

“Erik Scott’s style of New Age / rock fusion tastefully combines jazz and even some World Beat etchings but there’s no doubt Other Planets is a cosmic masterpiece of meditative instrumental music, perfect for late night sojourns or early morning meditations.”

Kelly Burnette interviews Erik for Foxy Digitalis, Reviews “Other Planets”

Erik “Eski” Scott is perhaps not a name we’re all familiar with, but should be. He has a recording career which stretches back to 1969, making albums with Northern Illinois groups “Food” and “Jambalaya”. It was in 1974 he met and played bass with Zappa cohorts and Turtles members Flo and Eddie, and would later record and tour with Alice Cooper. He was a founding member and worked fifteen years with Sonia Dada. He also made recordings with Pops and Mavis Staples, and many other artists over a forty year career, a love affair and devotion which spans until present day where we find him playing some truly zoned out, interstellar bass on his solo record “Other Planets,” which is as beautiful as it is technically adept. His current material is virtuosic but never ostentatious, with nods toward ambient sensibilities fleshed out through unique and often complex melodies which extend beyond the normal parameters of pop music. Scott exhibits a respect for all aspects, rhythmic and melodic, toward his instrument and his love of music—and the bass — it’s all lovingly evident on Other Planets.

Wildy’s World

“This is far and away one of the best instrumental albums I’ve come across. “Peace On Saturn” is some sort of ‘heavenly’ country music.

Erik Scott’s latest release, Other Planets, finds him dabbling with steel guitar, melodic bass and what he terms as ‘interstellar strings’. Tranquility abounds on Other Planets, but that wild energy that has run through everything Scott has touched over the years is here, deep within the still waters of this musical moment.”

RobKast Radio, the Netherlands

“Ambitious, bright, delicate, dramatic,eccentric, energetic, intense, passionate.”


“Other Planets” makes you feel like you are on a musical journey to another planet”.

Michael Manring

“Other Planets” is a beautiful collection of evocative soundscapes…full of textures and colors”.


Interview on the Lakland Website


Celebrating Indie Artists Interview

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